Laura Gilbert
Text and images Copyright 2008-2011 Laura Gilbert.
Laura Gilbert has been singled out by as a breakout artist
-- one of a mere few whose work confronts, head-on, the
turmoil in the global economy.  See A.G. Sulzberger, "The
Art of Hard Times," in
The New York Times.

At the height of the economic crisis, she created
hand-signed and numbered prints in editions of the many
The Zero Dollar, an edition of 10,000, was sent free to
individuals who requested it on every continent except
The artist gives away The Zero Dollar on Wall Street.  See
Wendy Fried, "Money for Nothing, as Seen by an Artist,"
York Times.
thousands, deflating their monetary value to zero  -- and
then gave the prints away -- as her artistic analogy to the
unprecedented loss of wealth the images address.   

Her prints are in the collections of various museums and
public institutions, including the Art Institute of Chicago
and the Detroit Institute of Arts.
The Bailout Bill (detail above), an edition of 5,000, was distributed
free in front of Citigroup's Park Avenue headquarters the day its
stock fell below one dollar.
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